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Most frequently asked questions​

How do I create a release?

Create an account and build your track in our easy-to-use web uploader. Add release info and artwork files, select the stores you want to distribute to and that’s it. Your music is on its way into the world!

How long does it take for my releases to reach stores?

Music Delivery Takes 24 hours up to 2 Days.

Can I make changes to a release after it’s been submitted?

Artwork and/or artist name: Yes! Reach out to our customer team to change this.

Audio file changes // removing tracks from a release: No, you need to upload a new release. If the release has been live, make sure to reuse the old track’s/release’s ISRC code when you reupload and they’ll keep their streaming data. Ask us to delete the old upload once the new one is live on streaming services.

What is important when it comes to artwork?

Young Boss Distribution is all for artistic freedom, but your creativity needs to live within the rules set by the music stores to not be taken down. Use high-quality image and text, own the rights to the image, and use the same text on the artwork that is on the release (release title, artist name etc).